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Ankara Satin Bonnett - Green

Ankara Satin Bonnett - Green

Ankara Satin Bonnett - Green

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Nightly friction against abrasive bed linens can damage the hair and cause slow growth, thinning, frizz, and split ends. The Ankara Satin Bonnett - Green cocoons hair to protect against breakage while naturally conditioning and combating dryness. The chic and comfortable design also helps maintain your style overnight, extending the time between washes and blow-dries. Wake up to smooth, shiny, frizz-free locks every morning thanks to Ankara Satin Bonnett - Green.

Features & Benefits:

    • Made of polyester fabric on the outside
    • The inner layer is made of satin fabric
    • Soft, comfortable and breathable
    • Easy to wear
    • There is enough space to put your hair inside.




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    I really love how the Chebe Hair Butter feels on my hair and how the shedding reduced! Totally OUTSTANDING!

    Toni H.

    Seriously, I used the Chebe hair grease my hair grow an inch in 2 weeks and I used to have a bald spot and hair is growing. I am a customer for life

    Lisa M.
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